Are you looking for a nursery or child care center in Munich? Welcome to ZuKi (Zukunft Kinderkrippe)!

The ZuKis are employer-supported child care centers just north and east of Munich, Germany. We offer preferred partner companies child care services for the children of their employees. All-day places stretchable over five, three, or two days may be reserved. Depending on capacity, the places are also available for private persons.

The search for a nursery in Munich for one’s own children is likely one of the most difficult tasks for parents living in the capital city of Bavaria or the surrounding area. Companies are also trying to offer something to their qualified employees; skilled professionals are very much interested in work-life balance: They wish to have both career and family. Child care places in day care centers (KiTas, Kindertagesstätten) or nurseries/crèches (Kinderkrippen) are, however, still hard to come by. ZuKis in Munich-Berg am Laim, Ismaning, Dornach, and Garching might be your solution: The ZuKis know what young children, parents, and companies need.

Who are the ZuKis (Zukunft Kinderkrippe)?

Are you looking for a day nursery, crèche, or child care center in northern Munich or just east of Munich? Have you considered Ismaning, Dornach, Berg am Laim, or Garching? The ZuKis — also called “Zukunft Kinderkrippe” — operate employer-supported child care centers at four locations.

What are employer-supported child care centers?

An employer-supported child care center works together with partner companies that wish to offer their staff members the possibility of knowing that their children are in good hands during working hours. Both employer loyalty and productivity in the workplace increase significantly when the little ones is well cared for right nearby.

The ZuKi child care centers in Ismaning, Dornach, Berg am Laim, and Garching

ZuKi Kinderkrippe München Nord - Ismaning

Child care center with two groups with a maximum of 15 children

Child care center with two groups with a maximum of 15 children

Child care center with three groups with a maximum of 12 children

ZuKi Garching Kinderkrippe Gelbe Gruppe

Child care center with two groups with a maximum of 12 children

What makes us unique?

Our motto is: “A child does not become a human being; it is a human being.” For us, that means that caring for and bringing up children is accompanying the little big ones lovingly with professional knowledge and, above all, warmth, on their way. We live our commitment with heart and soul, and that is what you will notice as parents, as a family-oriented business, and as an employee.

How can we further help you?

“Zukunft Kinderkrippe” offers nursery places at our locations in Ismaning, Dornach, Berg am Laim, and Garching. They can be flexibly arranged and may be divided over five, three, or two days. Our mixed-age groups between zero (0) and three (3) years of age encourage the social competence (e.g., ability to deal with conflict, communication), personality development (e.g., self-reliance, creativity), and expertise (e.g., motor skills, language) of your children.

If we have available capacity, we of course provide places in our nurseries north and east of Munich to “external” parents; that is, parents who are not employed in one of our partner companies. Please get in touch with us — we would be delighted to inform you about the “Zukunft Kinderkrippe”.