Work in a Fun Place!

Our vision is and has been, from the beginning, supporting parents to be able to go to work, while at the same time, for their children during this time, to have a professional and trustworthy child care service and a valuable and age-appropriate educational service. As an early childhood educator (Erzieherin, Erzieher) or childminder (Kinderpflegerin, Kinderpfleger) at the ZuKi child care centers, you support families in their daily lives by caring for their children full of affection and professionalism.

Current Job Vacancies

We are seeking, available immediately, support for our child care center ZuKi Berg am Laim: early childhood educator (m/f) (Erzieher/in) or pedagogic professional for childhood education (m/f) (pädagogische Fachkraft (m/f)).
Unsolicited applications are welcome!

A child does not become a human being; it is a human being!

As an early childhood educator or childminder, you have chosen a profession that brings with it a lot of fun and variety, as long as the basic conditions are right. For us, esteem is a very important topic: esteem for the children, esteem for you as an employee, esteem for the parents. “A child does not become a human being; it is a human being!” — our motto also applies to our younger and older customers and likewise for our employees and staff members.

A Culture of Feedback

We keep our promises — and in case you have a different impression of that, we guarantee you, as an employer, a transparent and constructive culture of feedback. The exchange between the team members and the owner is important to us. At the ZuKis, everyone can learn from the strengths of the others, and only through openness can we benefit from one another. The focus is on fun being with each other.


Are you an early childhood educator and feel that you would fit our team? Does our company appeal to you and would you like to provide support for young children along the way during an especially important development stage lovingly, with commitment, and with professional skills and knowledge? Please get in touch with us, either

  • By electronic mail to or
  • By post/mail to Zukunft Kinderkrippe GmbH, Klenzestraße 3, 85737 Ismaning

For immediate information, please call Anne Branlard at phone number +49 089 23 54 69 24.

What Employees Think

Citations from our childminders and early childhood educators in our employee survey to the question:

What do you like about ZuKi?

“The educational philosophy, the friendliness, collegiality, that the owner always has our back, flexibility.”

“I like the lovely and harmonious cooperation with my coworkers.”

“One is always trying to improve oneself, to discover new things, and to move with the times; individuality of people and children is taken into account; one always tries to appreciate the work and say thank you through premiums, gifts, excursions, celebrations, and increases in salary.”

Zukunft Kinderkrippe GmbH works closely along with AMYNA e.V. to prevent sexual abuse and expressly indicates that it does not have any connection whatsoever to the organization of L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology).

Please note that in our descriptions of available positions and in the job titles and terms used to describe professions, we are referring both to men and women and are addressing both equally.