A Calling with Fun Factor — Early Childhood Educator (m/f) at ZuKi

As an Early Childhood Educator or Childminder at the ZuKi Child Care Centers in München-Berg am Laim, Ismaning, Garching, and Dornach, you support parents with modern approaches to life. Balancing both raising a child or children and having a career is not always easy. That makes the right child care center or day nursery and the right team of nursery teachers (Early Childhood Educators and Childminders) all the more important. As our name – Zukunft Kinderkrippe – already implies we think with an eye to the future regarding our little customers, but also regarding our employees. We are aware of the achievements our educational/pedagogic team accomplishes and value them!

Ratio Requirements for Staff

The staff ratio requirements give an idea of how many normal hours of child care are allocated to one work hour of an employee. Said in a simplified way, the requirements show how many team members are really active in the group. Our leaders have group duty each with two qualified aides; in addition, they are supported by substitute teachers and in part by interns. We believe that a good ratio of staff to children is quite important. It means less stress for you as an employee — which the children notice.

What Employees Say

In a current survey, we received the following citations from our employees to the question:

What do you like about ZuKi?

“The open philosophy and dealing openly with each other. It is a joy to go to work every day. You are never left alone when there are questions or problems.”

“The transparency, the open and respectful communication, the possibilities for development….”

“The pleasant work climate, feedback from management, friendly colleagues, assistance in solving problems, support with offered activities with children, there is enough material at our disposal and the interest of the owner (legally and economically responsible body) in always improving the conditions.”

The Benefits of a Position as Early Childhood Educator or Childminder at the ZuKi Child Care Centers:

  • Security: Our child care centers offer you permanent work contracts.
  • Work environment: We want you to feel good. Therefore, we offer you a professional and structured work environment.
  • Predictable work hours: Fixed work and break times for all early childhood educators (Erzieher/innen) and childminders (Kinderpfleger/innen).
  • Culture of feedback: Employee discussions, collegial advice, and regular small team and large team meetings are important.
  • Contact: We don’t leave you out in the cold. Regular contact to the owner and professional child care consulting and supervision twice a month is a matter of course for us.
  • Responsibility: We have great confidence in young and not-so-experienced employees too.
  • Continuing education: We offer your thirst for knowledge internal and external courses and additional qualification.
  • Prevention: We would like you to remain healthy and promote your health at the workplace (prevention courses, furniture that is suited to caregivers, etc.).
  • Pension: Our company pension thinks today about your well-being when you are older.
  • Team-building: Working together and getting along is especially important in our job as early childhood educators. During company outings, a New Year’s Festival, and Summer Festival, the solidarity and exchange between our employees is intensified.
  • Freedom: You are jointly responsible for shaping your workspace — creativity and ideas are very much welcome!
  • Extras: Early childhood educators at ZuKi child care centers benefit from free meals, free parking, and slippers.

What You Ought to Bring with You as an Early Childhood Educator at the ZuKi Child Care Centers:

  • A qualified school-leaving certificate
  • Enjoyment and curiosity in working with children under three years of age
  • Cheerfulness and own initiative
  • The readiness to further develop oneself
  • Self-reflection and an orientation toward finding solutions
  • Good communication skills and a willnessness to communicate
  • Empathy and sensitivity so that you accept another person as an individual and can address him or her in his or her present situation
  • Creativity when implementing new projects
  • Your individuality

Your Responsibilities at the ZuKi Child Care Centers:

Do the benefits named above correspond to the expectations you have for a good employer? Then you fit well to the ZuKi team. These are your areas of responsibility:

  • Educational work with children: Implementing projects, obligatory supervision, documenting and working on a portfolio, implementing the educational philosophy (pedagogic concept) of ZuKi
  • Working with parents as partners: Taking account of individual family situations, organizing parents’ evenings from an organisational and content perspective, development conversations; self-reliant and involved
  • Teamwork: Active participation, showing new colleagues the ropes, administrative tasks
  • Planning and shaping the child care year: Cooperation in planning the educational content and curriculum of the year at the child care center

Contact Us!

Does this appeal to you? Have you become curious? Would you like to provide support in a loving way for young children during an especially important development stage? Please get in touch with us, either

  • By electronic mail to: bewerbung@diezukis.com or
  • By mail/post to: Zukunft Kinderkrippe GmbH, Klenzestraße 3, 85737 Ismaning

For immediate information, please call Anne Branlard at phone number +49 089 23 54 69 24.

Zukunft Kinderkrippe GmbH works closely together with AMYNA e.V. to prevent sexual abuse and expressly indicates that it does not have any connection whatsoever to the organization of L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology).

Please note that in our descriptions of available positions and in the job titles and terms used to describe professions, we are referring both to men and women and are addressing both equally.