The ZuKi World and ZuKi Values

It is our vision to accompany children on an equal footing, to encourage their self-reliance, and to offer them a variety of possibilities so that they develop optimally both as individuals and with each other. Openness, consideration for others, and tolerance are values that we attempt to impart in everyday life with both young and old.

Diversity Management

Many different people work at ZuKi, and the children at our child care centers ZuKis are also very diverse. We would like to support the diversity, whether culture, nationality, religion, lifestyle, young and old, and so on. It is a huge gain for all of us! In 2013, Zukunft Kinderkrippe signed the Charta of Diversity; since then, the ZuKis take part annually in Diversity Day. On this day, the centers organize various activities with the children. For example, in the past, various typical dishes from the countries of origin of the parents were brought in, cookbooks created, native languages learned about, and many other things.

Quota of Men

A topic that is of great concern to us is that men in the profession of early childhood educators still continue to be underrepresented. To counteract that at least a little, and because we are convinced that children also need male caregivers in the child care centers, we have participated in Boys’ Day since it has existed. On that day, we greet the male students and they can actively experience and shape our daily routine, along with having valuable experiences with the littlest of children. The day is always a huge success for our ZuKi children.

Professional Nursery and Child Care Advice

The quality of our child care centers is made possible by, among other things, our close cooperation with Sabine Kowatch. Ms Kowatch, a trained psychologist (she possesses the university degree Diplom-Psychologie) and family therapist, is at the disposal of the team as a professional child care center consultant and is available to parents if necessary.


We take our social mission very seriously and have therefore taken on the sponsorship for a girl from Ecuador at PLAN International e.V. Through the sponsorship, concrete projects are supported locally (in Ecuador) to improve the environment of the sponsored child and that of her community. We are in lively contact with Eimy by reading and writing letters.

Since our founding, we have worked together with Amyna e.V. and deal with the topic of prevention of sexual abuse regularly in the context of continuing education. Each year, we invite to a parents’ evening on this topic. In 2013, we received the Amyna Prevention Prize for our long-term work.

As a founding member of the DBTK Dachverband Bayerischer Träger für Tageseinrichtungen e.V. (Umbrella Association of Bavarian Owners of Day Care Establishments), we have been supporting the interests of private and commercial child care establishment owners in various committees at the City of Munich and the Government of the Free State of Bavaria.