Welcome to the ZuKi Berg am Laim Child Care Center

– Free places at ZuKi Dornach starting autumn 2018! –

Immerse Yourself into a World of the Littlest Ones …

“The ZuKis” stands for “Zukunft Kinderkrippe”. ZuKi Berg am Laim, our employer-supported child care center for children under three years of age, opened in September 2008 and is located in the district Berg am Laim in Munich (München-Berg am Laim). Our day nursery offers space for three groups with a maximum of 12 children.

The next open day (open house) will be on Wednesday, 20th November at 17.00 o’clock . Please register here: https://www.infanterix.de/en/anmeldung/termine/

Our Facilities

The children at ZuKi Berg am Laim can romp and have fun in an area of about 470 square metres in size. All children’s groups use one friendly, bright room for activities and an own sleeping room for resting and dreaming. An additional “Intensive Room” gives the children the opportunity to dance, run, and burn off energy. In addition, our facilities include a bathroom with a diapering (nappy changing) area and a kitchen for preparing meals. In the directly adjoining garden, the children can slide and play in the fresh air.

Our Vision

Our motto is “A child does not become a human being; a child is a human being!” We facilitate the social skills (learning about, understanding, and dealing with others), personal development (learning about, understanding, and managing oneself), and cognitive/intellectual development (learning about, understanding, and dealing with one’s environment) of your child using a wide variety of methods. With much knowledge, and above all, heart as well, we help you in raising your children while you are at work. We are keeping up with the times and in assisting young parents to manage both a career and family at the same time. Our commitment to your child or children is one hundred percent — and you as a parent or guardian or as a family-friendly employer notice it, too, in our employees.

Win-Win for Employers

Would you like to give your employees the opportunity to know that their children are in good hands? We are always on the lookout for partner companies excited by our employer-supported child care center in München-Berg am Laim. The loyalty of your staff members and their productivity significantly increase during work time when the little ones are well and safely looked after in the immediate vicinity.

Opening Hours

Our nursery in Garching is tailored to meet the needs of employers. You can bring your children anytime between 7:45 am and 9:00 am (7:00 and 9:00) to ZuKi Garching — no matter which group your child is in. Please pick up your child in the time between 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm (16:30 and 17:30).

Child Care Places

Three qualified teachers each, along with one qualified aide, care for three groups with a maximum of 12 children in our child care center ZuKi Berg am Laim. We give available places to our partner companies for the children of their employees. Our partner companies are businesses in the industrial park/estate München-Berg am Laim. We offer you the service of stretching the all-day and short-day places over five, three, or two entire days. If we should still have vacancies, the available places are available to the children of parents in the general public. Just ask us.

Curriculum, Educational Philosophy

Everything at a glance: You can download the pedagogic concept and general conditions of the “Zukunft Kinderkrippe Berg am Laim”, including prices, at the link below.
Pedagogic concept and general conditions of ZuKi Berg am Laim


The prices are divided into two parts: costs for companies and contributions from parents. Our child care center qualifies for subsidizes in the sense of the Bavarian Law on Child Education and Care (Bayerisches Kinderbildungs- und Betreuungsgesetz; BayKiBiG) and receives subsidies from the municipality in which the child resides and the government of Upper Bavaria (Oberbayern). The child care center is recognized by the City of Munich.


To pre-register for a place in our facilities please use the following link: https://www.infanterix.de/en/anmeldung/



Our child care center in München-Berg am Laim is located in the industrial park/estate in Berg am Laim. Please enter Neumarkterstraße 59, 81673 München into your navigation device.